Know Your Medication

This information is only supposed to be brief outline about the heart medications. This article doesn't claim to be comprehensive. Please contact your doctor for complete information. Thank you.

You may have one of the following medication prescribed to you:

1. Aspirin: (brand names: ecosprin, loprin, ASA, Dispirin etc) This medication is given for blood thinning. This medication either alone or along with clopidogrel is a must for people with heart disease. Usually a safe medication, this can occassionally cause epigastric pain. Rarely it may be associated with bleeding including gastrointestinal or intra-cerebral. Aspirin should not be discontinued without doctor's advice. 

2. Clopidogrel: (brand names: Clopilet, Clopitab, Clavix, Plavix, Deplatt etc. Usually, the letter A at the end of the brand name indicates a combination of clopidogrel with aspirin). Clopidogrel is another medication with blood thinning capability. It is more potent than aspirin, but causes less gastric side effects. Bleeding is the major risk factor. Clopidogrel also should not be discontinued without doctor's notice. 

3. Ticagrelor: (brand name: Brilinta): this is another blood thinning medication which is commonly prescribed following an angioplasty and stenting. Main risk factor is bleeding. Breathing difficulty is another common side effect. It has to be taken twice daily. Not even one dose of this medication should be missed after the coronary stenting procedure.

4. Prasugrel: (Brand names: Prax, Prasudoc, Effient etc...) This is another potent blood thinning medication used after stenting. Its main side effect is bleeding. It cannot be used in patients with a previous history of stroke, and in patients above 75 years and in patients less than 65kg in weight.

5. Atorvastatin: (Brand names: Storvas, TG Tor, Lipisafe, Lipitor, Atorva, Aztor, Tonact etc..) This is a medication used for decreasing cholesterol. It decreases LDL cholesterol which is the bad cholesterol. Some times body pains may be experienced while using this medication. Rarely liver enzymes can be elevated. Remote possibility of developing Diabetes after using this medication is discovered recently. This medication should be used by every one with a coronary heart disease.

6. Rosuvastatin: (Brand names: Rosuvas, Rozucor, Novastat, Crestor, Rosufit, Roseday etc...) This is also a medication used for decreasing bad cholesterol. It is more powerful than Atorvastatin and has similar side effects and is used for similar indications.

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