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Acute and Critical Care (abbreviated as Acute Critical Care, ACC) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes current works and ideas in critical and intensive care medicine. It informs clinical and experimental results and evidences for all critical care physicians, critical care nurses, and other healthcare professionals and improves the care of critically ill patients. It is a medium dedicated to basic, experimental, translational research as well as clinical studies relating to all fields of critical illness. It publishes journals quarterly.

Acute Care vs. Critical Care

  • There are a range of medical units within hospitals and an equal variety of health care facilities that offer acute care, critical care or both. Acute care and critical care differ in the types of patients and situations catered to. By understanding the differences between acute care and critical care, you can determine which area of specialty you want to pursue in healthcare. In this article, we define acute care and critical care, discuss key differences between acute care and critical care and provide additional details about the types of health care roles in each care setting.

What is acute care?

  • Acute care includes any type of short-term medical care for serious injuries or illnesses. This could include bone fractures, burns, concussions, fevers, abdominal pain or wounds needing stitches. Acute care also includes acute surgical procedures like appendectomies, tissue removals, gallbladder removals and other routine but important surgical procedures.
  • What is critical care?

  • Critical care refers to any type of care that requires life-saving actions and close monitoring of patients. Typically, critical care units focus on providing treatment and surgical care for life-threatening injuries that require long-term stays in hospital. Critical care units seek to treat and care for patients with spinal cord damage, broken bones, heart conditions, respiratory failure, organ failure, severe infections and life-threatening diseases or illnesses.

Differences between acute care and critical care

  • Acute care and critical care units both provide medical care and attention to patients, but there are differences between these areas. Here are some examples of how acute care differs from critical care: