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What is emergency service ?

  • Emergency is the gateway to the hospital, patients with pain and agony, relative emotionally charged enter the emergency department at any hour of the day or night, expecting immediate treatment and solace.

What is emergency care in hospital?

  • Emergency medicine doctors or EMDs treat patients who need immediate medical care. They are professionals specializing in trauma care, advanced cardiac life support, and management of other life-threatening conditions.

What include emergency services?

  • The emergency services are the public organizations whose job is to take quick action to deal with emergencies when they occur, especially the fire brigade, the police, and the ambulance service.

What is emergency medical?

  • What is Emergency Medi-Cal? The purpose of Emergency Medi-Cal is to provide medical care for people who are in need of sudden treatment in emergency situations. Emergency Medi-Cal is only available for serious and sudden medical emergencies.