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Dr. Kranthi Kumar


CEO’s Desk:

Pulse Heart as you know, has always put the patients health first. Now, we are adding more and more facilities for our patients. We have a 24 x 7 laboratory to support the intensive care unit that gives a state of the art care. We have an F & B section with a consultant dietician. We have several insurances lined up for approval and are about to get NABH approval.

More importantly, we are more accessible to all our doctors. We have a three tier information dissemination system in which the doctors, the cardiologist and the executives all will inform the referring doctors of the patient’s condition. We have a MOD round the clock for easy access

I promise that we will give the state-of-the-art treatment for all your patients.

I will personally be in touch with all of you and be instrumental in having a great relationship.

Let’s have a great 2021

Warm Regards

Dr. Kranthi Kumar CEO

Pulse Heart Centre

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